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Our brand new, fully automated robotic manufacturing cell is now online


A key part of our business is the continued investment and innovation in the manufacturing of bespoke hydraulic cylinders. In recent years, much of our investment has been in automating our production.

What are the benefits of automated hydraulic cylinder manufacture?

Automated production provides a number of benefits to our business, but also to yours. Our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing line operates along just in time manufacturing principles. This allows us to be reactive to the needs of our clients without the need to hold large amounts of stock.

Our new, fully automated manufacturing cell uses the latest CNC robots from RoboJob alongside our advanced milling, turning and drilling machines. This gives us complete lights-out manufacturing capability for our hydraulic cylinders, allowing us to support your business even better than before.

Jason Hydraulics can react quickly to your needs

The automation of one of our key manufacturing cells allows us to respond faster than ever to your requests. The robotic cell can operate unattended 24/7, increasing our volume and reducing lead times. This improves our ability to fulfil large orders, as well as improving our ability to support clients using kanban and other JIT systems.

The introduction of 24/7 manufacturing also increases our manufacturing throughput, improving our ability to deal with volume orders. This makes Jason Hydraulics an ideal partner for businesses that require large quantities of quality, bespoke hydraulic cylinders at competitive prices.

Outstanding accuracy and consistency across batches

With both design and manufacture of our hydraulic cylinders being managed digitally, we can offer outstanding accuracy in our products. This allows our cylinders to be used in applications where tolerance is key. With accuracy comes consistency – both in terms of dimensions and operation.

All our hydraulic cylinders undergo the same thorough quality assurance process, with each cylinder tested individually. We also provide a 12 month guarantee. This gives you confidence that our products will reach you in perfect working condition and continue to operate to specification.

Manufacturing efficiencies create savings that we can pass on to you

We're continually refining our manufacturing process to make it as efficient as possible. By reducing waste and improving the flow of products through our factory, we are able to reduce production costs while retaining our high production standards. These savings can be passed on to you, ensuring our hydraulic cylinders offer the right quality at the right price.

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